A La Carte is built for restaurants by people who are passionate about the industry and have strong IT experience.

In the past, when starting a restaurant, there were generally two options: Pay a lot of money upfront for an expensive package of software and hardware, or start the business with less and hope you could make enough to get the necessities later. Neither is a great option.

A La Carte is the third way: A low cost system with the powerful tools and services you need to run your restaurant effectively and efficiently from day one. Priced in way to lower your start up or upgrade cost with a monthly fee that's based on your success.

We don't succeed at your expense. We have family and friends in the restaurant business. We've worked in restaurants. We saw firsthand how much work is involved in running a restaurant and where technology could make a big difference. A La Carte was built to address these needs.

The builders of A La Carte worked on large scale IT projects for over 25 years. We've done work for companies such as Analog Devices, Johnson&Johnson and Chase Manhattan. Our experience is in building applications that allow people to work together effectively no matter where they are.

We are bringing our experience in information technology to independent restaurants so that they can derive the same benefits that big chains do. Independent restaurant owners need to manage information the same as the chains. They needed access to performance data and the tools to manage customer relationships. The problem was how to do this in an economical manner. Building a standard application that needs a huge support organization is costly.

The answer is the cloud. By delivering A La Carte via the cloud, expensive installation and maintenance fees are avoided. Designing it to run on consumer grade technology, stuff you can buy at your local technology or office supply store, also give you choice as well as keeping start up cost lower. This reduction in overhead benefits everyone. A restaurant only need a reliable internet connection to use A La Carte.

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