A La Carte is built by Bulldog Business Solutions, Inc.
Bulldog Business Solutions, Inc. is an IT company that has been in business for almost 25 years. We've done work for large, multi-national companies such as Johnson&Johnson, Analog Devices, Inc and Chase Manhattan. Our experience is in building applications that span geography and time zones, allowing people to work effectively no matter where they are.

The principlals of Bulldog Business Solution decided to bring their experience in information technology to smaller companies so that they could derive the same benefits from it that big companies realize. Small companies need to manage information in their business the same as big companies. They also needed access to the performance data, the same as big businesses. The problem was how to do this in an economical manner. Building an application that needed to be installed and supported in a lot of restaurants could be expensive.

The answer was the cloud. By delivering A La Carte via the cloud, expensive installation and maintenance fees could be avoided. Support could be simplfied because there would only be a single production code to work on. Restaurants would only need to have a reliable internet connection and they would be on their way.

Why A La Carte?
The first reason is business. Restaurant have been slower than other industries to adopt IT even though they are one of the small business sectors that could use it the most. There is a lot of data used and generated by even a small restaurant. Yet for the most part, a lot of this is done still on paper or even by "feel". What are the busy times and days? How is the menu performing? Is the staffing levels appropriate? Is the inventory being used correctly? These are important questions to managing a restaurant. Most places don't have an easy to capture it.

The second reason is the need. There are some companies that are trying to fill the technology needs of restaurants. A lot of them have shortcomings, either by being relatively expensive or narrow in scope. We felt that an all in one solution delivered economically that gave a restaurant control over multiple aspect of their business was a better value for a small restaurant.

The last reason is personal: The principals of Bulldog Business Solution have friends and family in the restaurant business. We saw first hand how much work is involved in running a restaurant and where technology could make a big difference. A La Carte was built to address their needs.