A La Carte Added Features
To make your operations complete, add in Online Ordering and the A La Carte Point of Sales* application. With these two add in features, all your orders will go straight to your kitchen. No more paper tickets. Tied into the Sales & Inventory*, you'll be able to generate reports to see how your doing, orders in real time and deduct ingredients from inventory.

Make informed decisions about pricing and inventory levels. Adjust your menu based on real data. No more flying by the seat of your pants. You'll know what's selling, what's not and your margins.

* A La Carte Point of Sale and related features due Spring 2017

Online Ordering
With your restaurant web site on the A La Carte system, you can take advantage of online ordering, which uses the menus you are already managing. Or you can set up a different menu for online ordering. As with the rest of the A La Carte system, you can make price adjustments quickly and easily. Having online ordering on your own website by way of A La Carte will make you more money too. Have you looked at what those other online ordering services are really costing you? Some of them can cost you up to 25% of your online order. Wonder where your profits are going?
Freedom & Flexibility
The A La Carte system allows you to build a powerful online order form. Satisfy your customers by allowing them to customize their order to their liking. Make menu options available and allow them to include specific instructions, giving you a better chance of giving your customers exactly what they want.

Besides being tied into the menu you want, the online ordering system comes with a payment processing system convenient for both you and your customer. Our system is less intrusive and safe for your customer. It processes quickly and can "remember" customers for future orders. A La Carte also will gather your customers email addresses so you can create a mailing list to notifiy them of specials.

A La Carte Terminal
A La Carte integrates with your web site turning it into a powerful business tool that you control. When an order comes in from your web site it is delivered to your kitchen by way of Terminal mode in A La Carte. Your order arrives in real time, unlike with the third party online order services, from YOUR web site to YOUR kitchen.

The best part? A La Carte does not require expensive, proprietary hardware. It's designed to use tablets and monitors you can buy easily at your nearest electronics store. Don't have time to get it yourself or worried about what to get? Talk with us and we can assemble an equipment package that you can lease for a low monthly fee! Your kitchen can be set up literally in minutes. Less hassles and equipment to install means less cost to you.

Complete the Picture
(coming soon) The A La Carte Point of Sale

The Point of Sale system is designed to integrate with and complement the A La Carte system. With the new Point of Sale system, your in house and phone orders will go into the same queue as your online orders and show up in the terminal queue. All your sales data will be saved to the same place.

This will place at your fingertips the kind of information you need to improve your business and generate higher profits. What menu items are moving for you? What menu items need to go? What are your busiest day/time/season...stuff like this that helps you plan and be more profitable. Who are your most loyal customers and what do they like? Restaurants depend on repeat business from a strong base of regular customers. Know what they want and retain them!