A La Carte Features
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Website Hosting
Website hosting is the first service in A La Carte. Your restaurant site is hosted on our cloud platform for high reliability. With A La Carte, your website becomes a business tool.
Web & Marketing
Create new content and control when it appears on your website. Set up holiday specials in advance and schedule when to appear and then disappear. Have a Facebook page? Post content to Facebook at the same time. Do you host events at your restaurant? There are tools to manage those as well. A La Carte has a file upload tool so you can create photo galleries or freshen up images on your web site.
Menu Features
Want to have a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu? Create and manage multiple menus. Want them to display based on the time of day? You can do this too. Did ingredient prices change? Adjust menu prices on the fly. The moment you save a change to a menu it's displayed on your website. Print pdf files to send to your print shop. Our powerful menu manager allows you to customize your menu items to include a dizzying array of options.
Customer Engagement
Serious about success? Engage your customers and create relationships. Successful restaurants are built on repeat customers and word of mouth. A La Carte helps you manage that relationship. Cut out the feedback "middle man" by directly soliciting reviews and being proactive about customer satifaction. Do you host wedding receptions or birthday parties? Let your customer work with you through online "Function" tools on your website. A superior customer relationship will keeps them coming back.
Account Administration
A La Carte really puts you in control. With Account Administration, you can add and remove users and assign them specific roles. Thinking about franchising? A La Carte will scale with your business. Add new restaurants or new locations. There are website settings to make your online ordering page work smarter and better.
A La Carte Terminal
This is how you handle the real time needs of your restaurant. It's the interface for employees punch in and out. It's where your kitchen and staff can see and manage orders coming in from you A La Carte powered Online Ordering page. Have even more power and reliability by combining your A La Carte account with our Point of Sale system*.
A La Carte Point of Sale
* Expected Winter 2020
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