A La Carte features
An integrated desktop means one place to perform all the tasks you need to run a restaurant today. One place, one login, one phone call for support.

Countertop - Logs all changes made to your operations. Keep track of what has been going on and who did it.

Every important task is no more than a couple of clicks away. Quick organized access to all the things you want to do. Move from task to task easily all in one application.

Restaurant Selector - More than one restaurant? No problem. Switch between them quickly from the selector along the top bar. Every restaurant you set up in your ALC account appears in the selector.

Choose what to use - A La Carte is exactly that...A La Carte. Use the entire package or just what you want. Use some now, add more on later.

ALC Basic Features

A La Carte is a complete system with it's own set of functions to power your website. When your restaurants web site is hosted and integrated into A La Carte, powerful things happen. Your web site becomes a serious business tool. You are now in control of your web site. No more calling anyone and hoping it can get done by the time you need it. Assign your own staff to manage your web site, keeping it fresh and giving your customers a reason to visit often.

With the Web & Marketing features, you can create new content and control when it appears on your website. Want to run holiday specials? Enter the information in advance and schedule it to appear and then disappear when needed. Additionally, you can post to Facebook at the same time. Do you host events at your restaurant? Under Web & Marketing you will find tools to manage those as well. We even include a tool to upload images in case you want to create photo galleries or freshen up images on your web site.

The Menu tool set lets you create and manage multiple menus. Want to have a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu? Want them to display based on the time of day? You can do this in A La Carte. Ingredient prices change and want to adjust your menu prices? You can do this too. The moment you save a change to the menu displayed on your web site, it is effective immediately. No more having to absorb cost increases in your ingredients. Print pdf files to send to your print shop. Our powerful menu manager allows you to customize your menu items to include a dizzying array of options.

Serious about success? Engaging your customers and creating a relationship is key. Successful restaurants are built on repeat customers and word of mouth. A La Carte helps you manage that relationship through your web site or by email. Cut out the "middle man" by directly soliciting feedback and engage in proactive customer satifaction. Do you host wedding receptions or birthday parties? Those can be coordinated through an online "Function" form that your customers can access via your website. A superior customer relationship keeps them coming back.

A La Carte really puts YOU in control. With Account Administration, you can add users, restaurants or new locations! Decide who can do what and where.

ALC Advanced Features

Are you looking go the next level? Thinking about franchising A La Carte is ready for that too.

The Operations tool set allow you to document your policies and procedures...important for establishing how to do things and, if it is in your future plans, for franchising. Create checklists to make sure things get set up properly and know who is doing what. Have your employees "punch the clock" in A La Carte, then export the data to your payroll service. New tools are always being added with some customization possible!

Stay on top of the things that make you money! Keep track of sales and inventory. Never be caught short handed on either end.

A La Carte Terminal

Terminal mode is how you handle the real time needs of your restaurant. At a minimum, it is where employees punch in and out. However, with A La Carte Add in Features, like Online Ordering and Point of Sale, you extend the power of A La Carte economically over other options!

Note: Sales & Inventory and some parts of Terminal mode require A La Carte Add in Features